Friday, March 23, 2012

042 Make Believe Revue

Title: Make Believe Revue
Studio: Columbia
Date: 03/22/35
Credits: (The credits say it's a Color Rhapsody; but they say it on a 1939 card, so...)
Running time (of viewed version): 7:32
Commercial DVD Availability: -

Synopsis: Boy travels to Make Believe Land and watches a stage show put on by what are only kind of toys, and which should largely just be non make believe beings.

Comments: It starts in medias res (traveling to the land of make believe); I wonder if the beginning is clipped i the viewed print. Mother Goose has a sweeter singing voice than her appearance would suggest. Shadows in the chorus line (and more generally for those on stage in the spotlight). One animated midground shot. Also a bunch of unconnected gags here, but unlike the previous Terry entry, there's a frame that justifies them. Although there is another set of bubble pipe stuff (I hesitate to say gags) here. Bubble work is trying to be lovely here; I'd say they fail, but after Old Dog Tray, it succeeds merely by contrast. Rainbows don't look so good in non-three strip Technicolor. Foley sounds high in this; new FX at some point? Lots of red heads in these two strip cartoons. The dark stage with the rainbow, the gnomes and the dolls looks really good.

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