Friday, March 9, 2012

033 Japanese Lanterns

Title: Japanese Lanterns (renamed Chinese Lanterns in and after WWII)
Studio: Van Beuren
Date: 03/08/35
Credits: -
Series: Rainbow Parade
Running time (of viewed version): 7:24
Commercial DVD Availability: TTRP

Synopsis: An unlikely lantern production process is posited, tho storm damage seems like a regular hazard.

Comments: Concertedly non racist (if not acultural) Japanese designs, which isn't going to pop up in '43 I expect. "There's a pleasing little teasing in your gay little way you play", "Flirting little butterfly". There's a certain flatness to the execution of the adult characters that's similar to how many actor caricatures feel in animation, something like only being comfortable in certain angles. Interesting switch to first person (almost) view with the crane fetching the lanterns. Fish silhouettes. The retitle is Dali-esque. Note that this is a color film; I just don't have access to a color print. According to Steve Stanchfield in March of 2009, UCLA was restoring a nitrate print of the cartoon at the time.


  1. Got a feeling this cartoon looks spectacular in color.

  2. A new book on Van Beuren studios has been created and is selling in Ebay. It is a synopsis of cartoons.