Monday, March 19, 2012

039 Stop That Noise

Title: Stop That Noise
Studio: Fleischer
Date: 03/15/39
Directed by
Dave Fleischer
Animated by
Myron Waldman
Edward Nolan
Series: Betty Boop
Running time (of viewed version): 5:53
Commercial DVD Availability: 600D4 A B C

Synopsis: Betty finds no peace, no matter where she goes, until she goes back.

Comments: Silhouettes in the initial background of workers. Their animation is rudimentary. Betty's complaints about noise would be echoed by the Grinch eventually. Bett's animation seems a bit jerky. Hey, Betty's leaving for the country, like in '39 cartoons. Rather aggressive bugs on this retreat; apparently bedbugs weren't a problem in Manhattan at the time, or else they just chose to ignore them to make a false point... Betty has many granny panties to pack.

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