Wednesday, March 7, 2012

031 Bremen Town Musicians

Title: The Brementown Musicians
Studio: Iwerks
Date: 03/06/35
Produced by
Ub Iwerks
Musical Score by
Carl Stalling
Series: Comicolor Cartoon
Running time (of viewed version): 56:56-1:05:18= 8:22
Commercial DVD Availability: CTTFv1

Synopsis: Mistreated animals (that are, admittedly, terrible at their respective jobs) form singing group

Comments: That's a green black. Why so many miserable old bearded men in cartoons? Were they all in charge? The opposite of the guard films; here you can't do anything to wake the guard dog. Quite the outfit on the old man. The cat sounds like Mel Blanc... The mouse steals the coin from the battling people who did the work; commentary on Disney? The thieves are like the Beagle Boys before they were beagles, and were just boys.

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