Tuesday, March 20, 2012

040 Mickey's Service Station

Title: Mickey's Service Station
Studio: Disney
Date: 03/16/35
Credits: -
Series: Mickey Mouse
Running time (of viewed version): 7:52 (ignoring the 1935 title at the beginning)
Commercial DVD Availability: MMBW(d2)

Synopsis: Vicious gun rights advocate Pegleg Pete wants the squeak removed from his car by the gang; his vehicle eventually turns on him.

Comments: OPens on a pile of bodies; Mickey's, Goofy's, Donald's and a car's. Pete has a nice ride. Pete's peg has a spat. Donald has blackened legs and feet. I think Pete has a Russian accent; eastern European, at least. Mickey's butt in a wheel rim; this would happen to Donald in ('43?). The reassembly music is live action style comedy music. It also sounds abnormally clean. Like a recreation almost. Much of the action is barely more cartoony than live action. Lots of little pieces in this they'd need to animate (gears, etc.). Pete's design hasn't significantly changed since 1935.

Edit 6/21/12: David Gerstein has made a blog post about original Mickey Mouse titles, including the one for this cartoon.

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  1. As I dimly recollect, when MICKEY'S SERVICE STATION was remastered for laserdisc in 1993, something special was done to remaster the music track—it may have been resynced from a first-generation transcription disc, though I'm not 100% certain at this point (I was told about it at the time, nearly twenty years ago).
    I'm not sure if parts were rerecorded—but if so, the likeness to the original would be incredibly close (I don't hear a single note that's differently timed).