Friday, March 16, 2012

038 The Hot-Cha Melody

Title: The Hot Cha Melody
Studio: Columbia
Date: 03/15/35
Credits: Story
Ben Harrison
Joe De Nat
Manny Gould
Allen Rose
(Harry?) Love
Series: Krazy Kat
Running time (of viewed version): 6:23
Commercial DVD Availability: -

Synopsis: Krazy Kat the music writer is so wacked out that he sees the devil and Robert Shuman (who tempt and punish him, respectively), yet is happy in the end.

Comments: People are bringing street cleaning gear and babies into the music publisher's office in Tin Pan Alley. Everyone is ripping everyone else off re:their songs. Apparently this was a problem. Lots of great animation here on Krazy. Possibly the best/most interesting cartoon of the year so far. The devil himself shows up. His piano actually records the sheet music; which you can do with computers now of course; I assume it was not a real thing at the time. For some reason the devil's shoes don't match. Apparently they count ripping off Robert Shuman as a problem. Bing Crosby shows up; some guy with a sax, a speaking horn, and groucho style hair shows up; three identical women (too early for Andrews Sisters or no?), and a fat lady saying "Hello Everybody" who I assume is Kate Smith. And a simplified blackface radio scatting. Oh, and Robert Shuman, of course.

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