Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September 2010 list of 1935 cartoons

Welcome to the Cartoons of 1935 blog. At this early date I am posting my tentative list of 1935 cartoons. There are likely errors, and I will discuss dating more intensively at a later itme, but for now, here's the list (with various notes you can largely ignore).

01/02/35 F An Elephant Never Forgets Color Classic SIDL
01/05/35 D The Tortoise and the Hare SS
01/07/35 L Robinson Crusoe Isle
01/09/35 M Hey, Hey Fever - A Tale of Two Cities DVD
01/11/35 T THE FIRST SNOW 005
01/11/35 V The Sunshine Makers TTRP
01/18/35 C The Gloom Chasers
01/18/35 F Baby Be Good Betty Boop 600d4
01/19/35 WB Mr. and Mrs. Is the Name
01/19/35 D Mickey's Man Friday MMBWv2 010
01/20/35 C Shoemaker and The Elves
01/25/35 F Beware Of Barnacle Bill Popeye
01/25/35 T WHAT A NIGHT
01/25/35 V Parrotville Old Folks TTRP
02/01/35 C The Birdman (The Bird Man OMAM) 015
02/01/35 L The Hill Billy
02/06/35 I Little Black Sambo (youtube) (Public Enemy Fear of A Black Planet, and seen in Bamboozled; unconfirmed either) On Attack of the '30s Characters or not? Complete Weird Cartoons
02/08/35 T BULLFIGHT
02/09/1935 WB Country Boy, The The Country Boy (adj 020)
02/15/35 F Taking The Blame - Betty Boop 600d4 020
02/16/1935 WB Buddy's Theatre
02/16/35 M When The Cat's Away
02/22/35 F Be Kind To "Aminals" - Popeye
02/22/35 T FIREMAN, SAVE MY CHILD (adj 025)
02/23/35 D The Band Concert MMLC
03/01/35 C Gold Getters
03/01/35 F The Song Of The Birds - Color Classic SIDL
BUDDY"S ADVENTURES 3/5 (11/17/34 in Mackey)
BUDDY THE DENTIST 3/5 (12/15/34 in Mackey) (adj 030)
03/06/35 I Bremen Town Musicians CTTFUICv1
03/08/35 V Japanese Lanterns TTRP
03/09/1935 WB Buddy's Pony Express
03/09/1935 WB I Haven't Got a Hat LTGCv3d3 (adj 035)
03/09/35 M The Lost Chick
03/11/35 L Two Little Lambs
03/15/35 C The Hot-Cha Melody
03/15/35 F Stop That Noise - Betty Boop 600d4
03/16/35 D Mickey's Service Station MMBW (adj 040)
03/21/35 T OLD DOG TRAY (date?)
03/22/35 C Make Believe Revue
03/22/35 D The Golden Touch SS
03/22/35 F Pleased To Meet Cha! - Popeye
03/25/35 L Do A Good Deed (adj 045)
03/30/35 M The Calico Dragon - Roberta DVD
04/03/35 I Old Mother Hubbard CTTFUICv
04/05/35 T FLYING OIL (date?)
04/05/35 V Spinning Mice TTRP
04/06/1935 WB Along Flirtation Walk (adj 050)
04/06/1935 WB Buddy of the Legion
04/12/35 C Graduation Excercises
04/13/35 D Mickey's Kangaroo MMBWv2
04/13/35 D The Robber Kitten SS
04/13/35 M The Good Little Monkeys (adj 055)
04/19/35 F Swat The Fly - Betty Boop 600d4
04/19/35 T PEG LEG PETE, THE PIRATE (date?)
04/22/35 L Candy Land WWCE5
04/26/35 C Peace Conference (The Peace Conference OMAM)
04/26/35 F The Hyp-Nut-Tist - Popeye (adj 060)
04/27/35 M The Chinese Nightingale
04/29/35 L Elmer The Great Dane
05/??/35 L Gold Dust Oswald (exists? error?) Does not exist according to http://lantz.goldenagecartoons.com/faq.html (not counted)
05/01/35 I Mary's Little Lamb CTTFUICv
05/03/35 V A Picnic Panic (Picnic Panic in OMAM) TTRP (adj 065)
05/04/1935 WB My Green Fedora
05/10/35 C A Cat, A Mouse And A Bell
05/11/35 D Water Babies SS 065
05/11/35 M Poor Little Me - David Copperfield DVD
05/17/35 T FIVE PUPLETS (adj 070)
05/18/1935 WB Buddy's Lost World
05/19/35 F The Kids In The Shoe - Color Classic SIDL (DOcumentary part)
05/20/35 C King's Jester (The King's Jester, OMAM)
05/24/35 C Scrappy's Ghost Story
05/24/35 F No! No! A Thousand Times No! - Betty Boop 600d4 (adj 075)
05/25/35 D The Cookie Carnival SS
05/25/35 M Barnyard Babies
05/27/35 L Springtime Serenade
05/31/35 F Choose Your Weppins - Popeye
05/31/35 T OPERA NIGHT (adj 080)
05/31/35 V The Foxy Terrior (OMAM sp) Possibly just Rag Dog's working title http://animatedviews.com/2010/thunderbean-roundup-van-beuren-studio-cartoons-and-other-strange-and-commercial-rarities/ (not counted)
05/31/35 V The Merry Kittens TTRP
06/03/35 L Towne Hall Follies (date?)
06/08/1935 WB Into Your Dance DVD release of Annie Oakley
06/15/35 I Summertime CTTFUICv1 (adj 085)
06/21/35 C The Puppet Murder Case
06/21/35 F A Little Soap And Water - Betty Boop 600d1
06/22/1935 WB Buddy's Bug Hunt
06/26/35 D Who Killed Cock Robin? SS
06/28/35 C Little Rover (adj 090)
06/28/35 F For Better Or Worser - Popeye
06/28/35 V Parrotville Post Office TTRP
07/06/1935 WB Buddy in Africa
07/08/35 L At Your Service (date?) (adj 095)
07/12/35 F Dancing On The Moon - Color Classic SIDL
07/12/35 T Amateur Night http://issuu.com/boxoffice/docs/092835 "Amateur Night (6) Impersonations of radio stars by barnyard characters. July 5"
07/13/1935 WB Country Mouse, The The Country Mouse
07/13/35 D Mickey's Garden MMLC
07/15/35 L Three Lazy Mice WWCE3 (adj 100)
07/19/35 F A Language All My Own - Betty Boop 600d1
07/19/35 V Rag Dog TTRP
07/20/1935 WB Buddy Steps Out
07/26/35 F Dizzy Divers - Popeye
07/26/35 T THE FOXY-FOX (adj 105)
07/28/35 C Scrappy's Big Moment
07/30/35 I Sindbad the Sailor CTTFUICv1
08/01/35 C Garden Gaieties
08/03/35 D Mickey's Fire Brigade MMLC
08/05/35 L Bronco Buster (adj 110)
08/09/35 T Chain Letters http://issuu.com/boxoffice/docs/101935 "Chain Letters — The craze hits Farmer Alfalfa and his animals." http://www.faqs.org/copyright/chain-letter-by-tandem-productions-inc/ Chain letters Document number: V3291P039 Date of Recordation: October 7, 1996 Entire Copyright Document: V3291 P1-314 Registration Number Not Verified: R301842. Title: Chain letters / (Terrytoon cartoon) R301842. Number of similar titles: 7 Variant title: Terrytoon cartoon Title appears in Document:**53 & 4482 other titles. (Part 004 of 024)Read more: http://www.faqs.org/copyright/chain-letter-by-tandem-productions-inc/#ixzz0sGJuofXi
08/15/35 C Neighbors
08/16/35 F Betty Boop And Grampy - Betty Boop 600d4
08/17/1935 WB Merry Old Soul, The The Merry Old Soul
08/19/35 V The Hunting Season TTRP (adj 115)
08/23/35 T BIRDLAND
08/23/35 V Scottie Finds A Home TTRP
08/24/1935 WB Buddy the Gee Man DVD release of G Men
08/26/35 L Amateur Broadcast
08/29/35 C Scrappy's Trailer (adj 120)
08/30/35 F You Gotta Be A Football Hero - Popeye
08/30/35 I The Three Bears CTTFUICv
08/31/35 D Pluto's Judgement Day MMLC
09/06/35 F Time For Love - Color Classic SIDL Doc part
09/06/35 T CIRCUS DAYS (adj 125)
09/07/1935 WB Lady in Red, The The Lady in Red
09/12/35 C Monkey Love
09/20/35 F I Wished On The Moon - Screen Song
09/20/35 F Judge For A Day - Betty Boop 600d1
09/20/35 T HEY DIDDLE DIDDLE (adj 130)
09/20/35 V Bird Scouts TTRP
09/21/1935 WB Cartoonist's Nightmare, A Cartoonist's Nightmare LTGCv6d3
09/21/35 M The Old Plantation
09/23/35 L The Quail Hunt
09/27/35 C A Happy Family (adj 135)
09/27/35 F King Of The Mardi Gras - Popeye
09/28/35 D On Ice MMLC/Pluto
09/30/35 I Balloon Land CTTFUICv2
09/30/35 L The Fox and The Rabbit WWCE1
10/05/35 D Music Land SS (adj 140)
10/10/35 C Bon Bon Parade
10/18/35 F Making Stars - Betty Boop
10/18/35 T FOOTBALL
10/19/1935 WB Hollywood Capers LTGCv3d2 (adj 145)
10/19/1935 WB Little Dutch Plate
10/19/35 M Honeyland - A Tale of Two Cities DVD
10/24/35 C Tetched In The Head (four rare silent versions); Tetched In The Head (silent colorized version) http://toonsandtelly.blogspot.com/2007/06/lost-columbia-cartoons-tetched-in-head.html http://www.cartoonbrew.com/classic/columbias-barney-google.html
10/25/35 F Adventures Of Popeye - Popeye
10/26/35 D Three Orphan Kittens SS2 (adj 150)
11/01/35 T A JUNE BRIDE
11/02/1935 WB Gold Diggers of '49 LTGCv5d4 (1/6/36 ltmm/omam)
11/07/35 C Let's Ring Doorbells
11/08/35 F Musical Memories - Color Classic SIDL DOc part
11/09/1935 WB Billboard Frolics DVD release of Captain Blood (adj 155)
11/11/35 L Monkey Wretches
11/15/35 I Simple Simon CTTFUICv1
11/15/35 T Aladdin's Lamp http://issuu.com/boxoffice/docs/120735 p43 "Aladdin's Lamp (7) - Second-hand clothes dealer, Oswald, gets lamp thrown at him. When the lamp is rubbed radio personalities appear. Receiving magic carpet he is able to rescue girl from harem. Nov. 15." 155
11/15/35 V Molly Moo Cow and the Butterflies 600d5
11/15/35 V Molly Moo Cow and the Indians VBpapercase (adj 160)
11/16/35 M Alias St. Nick - Sylvia Scarlett DVD
11/20/1935 WB Flowers for Madame
11/30/35 D Cock o' the Walk SS2
12/07/35 F The Spinach Overture - Popeye (adj 165)
12/09/35 L Case of The Lost Sheep
12/14/35 D Broken Toys SS2
12/14/35 M Run Sheep Run
12/17/35 V Molly Moo Cow and Rip Van Winkle 600d9 (adj 170)
12/19/35 C Patch Mah Britches (rare silent footage) Patch Mah Britches (silent colorized version) http://toonsandtelly.blogspot.com/2007/07/lost-columbia-cartoons-patch-mah.html
12/20/35 I Humpty Dumpty CTTFUICv1
12/22/35 F Betty Boop With Henry, The Funniest Living American - Betty Boop 600d1 170
12/27/35 C Kannibal Kapers
12/27/35 T THE MAYFLOWER (adj 175)
12/29/35 F It's Easy To Remember - Screen Song
12/30/35 L Doctor Oswald 174 ((adj 177)