Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Warning of Probable Hiatus

I have been crushed with work this month. As a consequence, there is a good chance that I will put this blog on hiatus for a year starting at the end of this month. The four month backlog of posts I have may not be enough of a buffer, and I'd rather do both this and the '43 blog properly than just get them both done this year.

Sorry. But it will get done.


  1. Why not just roll out the completed posts more slowly? I can only speak for myself, Ted, but I don't mind if the yearful of reviews doesn't actually sync up with the year(s) you're covering.

    (Of course, I run a cartoon blog that I almost never have time to update, so maybe my advice isn't the best to take...)

  2. Yeah, just spread it out to weekly. Besides, your posts have enough effort put into them to come off as something you've worked a week on, anyway!

  3. I could probably spread out the existing backlog to fill in the intervening time, but the posting itself would spread my time and my concentration (and I want to stay on a year cycle for the '43 blog), and I'm suddenly short on time.
    Thanks for wanting it now, tho.

  4. Hey, we just want it "whenever"! (-: