Friday, January 21, 2011

010 Mickey's Man Friday

Title: Mickey's Man Friday
Studio: Disney
Date: 01/19/35
Credits: -
Series: Mickey Mouse (I think)
Running time (of viewed version): 8:00
Commercial DVD Availability: Mickey Mouse in Black and White v 2

Synopsis: Mickey lands on island, saves Friday from the cannibals, and then they escape.

Comments: It's "In the Vault" to force an unskippable "don't do this at home" intro. Note to self: rip disc to skip intro. Still, thanks for not giving it the boot altogether. Much crisper looking than Tortoise and the Hare. Hey, Mickey's actually doing something. Amazing. I'd forgotten Mickey Mouse cartoons could have movement in them. Second Robinson Crusoe in three weeks; it's the jitterbug phenomenon of the year, apparently. Mickey keeps a lot of bones in that pelican... Stork cutters; like my grandmother's sewing scissors... Lots of inventive machines to get things done. Like Rube Goldberg, or Arnold in Predator. Or the Flintstones. I suppose Disney lost their energy in exchange for smoothness. It was not a worthwhile tradeoff. The cannibal crowds don't look so rote as the Tortoise and Hare examples. Mickey has thick brown spit. I don't know how Mickey convinced that pelican to hold those big hairy balls in his mouth.


  1. I'm afraid this is one of the only times you'll see Mickey really doing something in 1935—at least on his own; every later cartoon includes another character hogging screen time, even when Mickey has interesting business himself.
    Good years for a relatively mature Mickey as the center of attention in his own cartoons are 1932-1934.

  2. Oh. And pelican stands atop flagpole posed a little like the NRA eagle.