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BoxOffice, January 19, 1935

BoxOffice, January 19, 1935

"Cartoon" does not appear in this cache. I think they really weren't standardized using the term as they were later. This may lead to more misses.

"All Disneys Color

-Beginning with "The Band Concert," a new Mickey Mouse production to be released February 9 by UA, all Disney subjects will be filmed entirely in Technicolor, Walt Disney announces. Thus, Mickey's films join the Silly Symphonies in parading natural hue."



7 Minutes There is some amusing stuff in this Terry-Toon. Boasts enough ingenuity to please Ma and Pa, too. Fortified with a nice musical and vocal score, it shows the children who live in the shoe going berserk on their sleighs and skates after the first snowfall. When the big pig falls through the ice while skating and is already over the falls, the children man a canoe and pull her back up, only to have the ice give way"

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