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BoxOffice, January 26, 1935

BoxOffice, January 26, 1935




7 Minutes United Artists (Disney) A fast-moving and plenty lively Mickey Mouse short. This time Mickey is shipwrecked on an island. Here he prevents
the cannibals from eating a prisoner, becomes Mickey's slave to repay him for saving his life. The reel concerns the hot and humorous battle that takes place between the cannibals and Mickey and his


"The Dance Contest



A Max

a wow.

7 Minute* Fleisher Popeye cartoon that is

Popeye and Olive Oyl are entrants in a dance contest. Wimpy is the official eliminator who mechanically eliminates contestants while busily munching hamburgers. After Popeye and Olive Oyl are awarded the silver trophy Wimpy uses it for a mustard cup.

The short is hilariously


"South Pole or Bust

7 Minutes offered in this Amid a cheering Terry-Toon cartoon. crowd an aviator and his assistant leave for a flight to the South Pole. They arrive okay and receive a grand welcome until along comes a walrus, who had been disturbed by their flight, and chases them about the South Pole. Fadeout shows them escaping and flying back home taking the "pole" along with them."


Tortoise and the Hare

the theatre.

7 Minutes United Artists
Easily one of the outstanding Silly Symphonies to date, combining a splendid color job and a brand of animation that is at the same time original and hilarious. There is enough real entertainment value here to please any audience, young or" "^with the the well-known fable of the race tortoise just nosing out the hare after the latter wastes his precious lead "grandstanding." Beautifully handled throughout."

"Goofy Gondolas

7 Minutes This tuneful and lively Krazy Kat cartoon should please the audiences generally. The theme is a burlesque of gondola crooners on canals in Venice and affords much merriment accompanied by fitting musical interpolations.

"Mickey's Debut

"Mickey's Band Concert," soon to be shown at the Radio City Music Hall, will be the first Mickey Mouse cartoon ever to be exhibited at this theatre."

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