Monday, January 10, 2011

005 The First Snow

Title: The First Snow
Studio: Terry
Date: 01/11/35
Credits: -
Series: (Terrytoons, presumably)
Running time (of viewed version): 5:33
Commercial DVD Availability:

Synopsis: It's a snow day, so everyone gets on the ice near the giant waterfall; trouble ensues.

Comments: The print I watched might not actually have a clipped beginning. Opens on an establishing shot of a shoe house. Releasing a cartoon about playing in the snow right after kids have to be back in school after Xmas break: classy. Snowman skeletons are made of puppies. A fussy giraffe with a pipe, a piano, a tuba, a hippo; these are all things I wouldn't want to be on the ice with, but there they are. Still showing the words "honk honk honk" on screen at this late date? Ice floes look like the playfield in Frogger. Having a litter of pups each doing the same thing in succession saves on animation.

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