Saturday, January 1, 2011

Greetings Relating to 1935

Happy New Old Year

I get the impression I'm moving into strange territory. It's not totally unfamiliar; I'll know some of the Disney and Fleischer output certainly, but 1939 was a transition year, from an era I was less familiar with to an era I was more familiar with; I suspect 1935 will be much more unfamiliar. That may change as I watch more of the material, but here (writing in mid-August 2010), months and months before anyone else will read this, that's the impression I get.

This year also seems to have around 20 more cartoons in the official count than 1939 had.

You may note that there are links to Amazon when a cartoon is on an in print (ish) DVD; if someone uses that link and then buys a copy of the DVD from Amazon (not a third party seller) form that page, I will, in theory, eventually benefit with credit to the extent of a small percentage of the sales price at Amazon. This note is not to encourage you to buy through the links as such, but to alert you that their inclusion isn't altruistic.

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