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BoxOffice, January 12, 1935

BoxOffice, January 12, 1935


""Scrappy" Hosiery Tieup

Columbia Pictures FranDepartment and Charles Chipman's Sons, of this city, manufacturer and distributor of men's, women and children's hosiery, have arranged a tieup whereby the famous cartoon character kids, "Scrappy" and "Margy," with their dog "Yippy," on their complete line of children's hosiery. A new experiment is being tried in the method of marketing these cartoon characters, with the announcement by the Chipman Co. that they are confining this line to the J. C. Penny Co. exclusively, the latter controlling over 1,500 stores from coast to coast."

"The Bird



7 minutes

Mickey decides to don a pair of wooden wings in this cartoon and flies high, wide, but not too handsome. The other birds resent his presence until he makes short work of a vulture who is about to enjoy himself. The birds then take him in, there is a big banquet of worms and everybody's happy.

Two-Gun Mickey

United Artists

8 minutes

Mickey Mouse has entered the Western field and an extremely amusing cartoon subject is the result. Minny is a sweet cowgirl who draws her money from the village bank to the delight of the bad, bold bandit who immediately sets out to capture her. But Mickey and his faithful horse, Pluto, come to the rescue, as usual, and the chase over the hills and dales is fast, furious and funny.

An Elephant Never Forgets
7 minutes

The third of the popular Max Fleisher dimension that in third should please the audiences who liked "Poor Cinderella" and "Little Dutch Mill." The various animals of the jungle are shown going to the little school house. During an examination when the teacher is out of the room the animals toss books at each other. monkey sitting behind the elephant is the cause of the disturbance. After school the elephant gets even with the monkey, singing "An Elephant Never Forgets."

7 minutes

entertaining short of the Screen Song series featuring the title song. Cartoon and reality are combined and the bouncing ball is featured when the words to the song appear. The reel opens with a horse. Lazybones, winning a race when he sees a bed awaits him at the finish. The last part shows antics of Borrah Minnevitch and his Harmonica Rascals in their rendition of the song.

7 minutes

A Willie Whopper cartoon in which Willie is shipwrecked on a desert island, where he meets a cute little native. Cannibals arrive and are bent on making a meal of Willie, while the king is attracted by the girl. They finally escape, and with the aid of a friendly elephant they elude their pursuers. Fair.

Robinson Crusoe Isle
9 minutes

Packs of originality in this cartoon. Oswald is washed ashore with his radio. Robinson Crusoe hires him for his man Friday, the 13th; the other 12 having been eaten up by cannibals. What Oswald and his radio do to the cannibals when they come after him is mighty amusing. Before the reel ends, the goat that swallowed the radio is sitting on the Chief's throne and Oswald is giving orders on the island. There is a catchy vocal score, too."

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