Monday, April 23, 2012

058 Candyland

Title: Candyland
Studio: Lantz
Date: 04/22/35 (print has a date of '34 in it; recreation?)
Credits: (none; I assume it's the print)
Series: Cartune Classic
Running time (of viewed version): 8:47
Commercial DVD Availability: WWCE5, WWFv2

Synopsis: A documentary on the dream based production of candy and modern methods of weight gain.

Comments: Here comes the sandman with his bag of sand. Well that's straightforward. There's a black kid sucking on his foot. I assume that's non stereotypical. Italian accent, but he's not eating meatballs. Pleasant candy based signage. Could Thurl Ravescroft have been doing the king's voice (he was 21 and had left Nebraska in 1933; implies he would have been in California doing radio and singing, so it seems feasible)? All the men of Candyland have long thin mustaches and goatees. And almost all are bald. The cartoon teaches about bingeing and purging. Silhouette shot.


  1. OMG This cartoon is awesome! Just watched it on YouTube. I swear 1935 is the best year for cartoons. That's my vote. Thought that way for a while. There is just a certain cheeriness and warm hearted humor in this period that I love. Sunshine Makers being #1 in my book. Sure that's the Disney influence coming through. Love how dad just gives the child away to the creepy stranger. lol. Everyone getting splooged on. Great stuff. One more thing. Are there any Scrappy cartoons out there that don't look like crap?

  2. As transfers? They're largely of similar quality. But it's black and white mostly; I think that gives them a bump up because no color problems.