Friday, April 20, 2012

057 Peg Leg Pete, The Pirate

Title: Peg Leg Pete, The Pirate (retitle has no comma; original?)
Studio: Terry
Date: 04/19/35 (I made a notation questioning the date; I'm not sure why)
Credits: -
Series: (Terrytoons)
Running time (of viewed version): 6:17
Commercial DVD Availability: -

Synopsis: Pirates like girls, end up getting sunk for it.

Comments: In medias res. This Pete seems to be a hippo, unlike the Lantz and Disney branches that both stemmed from the Oswald series. It seems like those studios viewed it as generic enough to not sue each other over it, and I guess Paul Terry wanted in on some of that action. Stadium love: fish versus gull. The living jolly Roger is pretty cool. It seems shocking that a Terrytoon is miles ahead in being interesting compared to the Betty Boop cartoon released on (maybe) the same day, but there it is. That's odd; in spite of the cuts, there are two times when apparently exactly the same scene is cut back to back (2 different scenes, each used 2X in a row). They look even too identical and close in time to be intended that way, but I hardly think that would have been cut in later, so it was probably a low grade attempt at filling time. Just goes to show the tv era editors of the cartoon didn't give a crap about the appropriateness of their edits. It also ends abruptly. The piebald dog appears. "The life of the ocean gay my lads, the life of the ocean gay" is part of the lyrics, I think.

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