Friday, April 13, 2012

053 Mickey's Kangaroo

Title: Mickey's Kangaroo
Studio: Disney
Date: 04/13/35
Credits: -
Series: Mickey Mouse
Running time (of viewed version): 8:57
Commercial DVD Availability: MMBW2d2

Synopsis: Mickey and Pluto receive a pair of kangaroos, and punching ensues.

Comments: Pluto's name looks like 62 in binary before the horizontal bits are painted on. There's something unpolished about this compared to the previous Mickeys of the year. I think this is the last black and white Mickey theatrical short. Imported animal from foreign lands; sounds like Donald's Penguin from '39. Pluto has an inner voice! And it's sinister. When people get unknown packages from overseas now, it's not so funny. Pluto puts on his Dr Frank N Furter outfit. Mickey is possibly dead by the end of the cartoon. If this is the last black and white Mickey, perhaps the first Mickey did die in this cartoon. I wonder who Leo Buring was. Tell me, o magic information box. Magic Information Box says he was a famous Australian winemaker.

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