Tuesday, April 17, 2012

055 The Good Little Monkeys

Title: Good Little Monkeys
Studio: MGM
Date: 04/13/35
Credits: A Hugh Harman - Rudolf Ising Cartoon
Series: Happy Harmonies
Running time (of viewed version): 8:24
Commercial DVD Availability: -

Synopsis: Satan tries to get monkey to hell; there is no good reason given for this.

Comments: I'd like a library in my house. Naked satan is like Ken in the crotch area. Creepy monkeys. They sing "don't believe in being gay", but they don't mean it that way. A books come to life cartoon (as almost all cartoons with shelves of books seem to be). A peppy south of the border tune. Disturbingly skeletal dog. Sexy dancer has red florets on her bra tips. For monkeys that sing about not being gay, they sure run from that chick. Satan is supposed to come from Dante's Inferno, but he's a little red devil here, as opposed to Dante's giant head in ice, gnawing on Judas and Brutus et al. A black woman comes out of the book Black Beauty (a book on a horse, so it's a pun), and she does not seem to be especially stereotyped (it's a caricature, but no more so than the white characters in the cartoon, really; this leaves us with the baseline design stereotype, tho). There are weird effects shots with shadowy heroes superimposed on the devil.


  1. Right at the beginning of the "Peanut Vendor" sequence, there should be a scene of Ubangis dancing to the music:


    It's almost always edited out, though the less-stereotypical "Black Beauty" usually stays.

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