Monday, April 2, 2012

047 Old Mother Hubbard

Title: Old Mother Hubbard
Studio: Iwerks
Date: 04/03/35
Produced by
Ub Iwerks
Musical Score by
Carl Stalling
Series: Comicolor
Running time (of viewed version): 42:08-50:13=8:05
Commercial DVD Availability: CTTFUIv1, VOD (I think; it might be v2)

Synopsis: Laundry dog gets job as jester.

Comments: I wonder if the word for underwear was intentionally bleeped or if it was forcibly bleeped. Shadows on the road. The song is reminiscent of what Clampett would still be using in 1939 for the Porky Pig Hotel. There's minimal effect on the world from the characters' actions. Hot white haired queen. I assume it is a specific caricature the dog does in the "cheer Up/what do you look so grumpy/be a regular guy" song (Frenchman? Charles Boyer?). In the storied tradition of cartoons, this ditches its title character.