Monday, April 9, 2012

050 Along Flirtation Walk

Title: Along Flirtation Walk
Studio: Warner Bros.
Date: 04/06/35
Isadore Freleng
Musical Score
Norman Spencer
Bob McKimson - Paul Smith
Series: Merrie Melodies
Running time (of viewed version): 6:25
Commercial DVD Availability: -

Synopsis: Plymouth Rock College and Rhode Island University engage in the game of choice for collegiate chickens: egg laying.

Comments: Plymouth Rock College; there is a Plymouth Rock chicken, with black and white speckles. I had a vague recollection that there was that kind of chicken, but it may have been a more standard thing to know when the country's rural roots were still fairly fresh. (I had a better recollection of Rhode Island reds, but that's due to Foghorn Leghorn cartoons.) Note the chickens in the cartoon do not look like Plymouth Rocks. Silhouettes in windows. A cappella quartet; we had a similar group inflicted on us at a recent 10 year reunion. I suppose people must have liked them at some point; no one seems to like them now tho, except to the extent you were in such a club or are actually friends with the people singing. The game involves chickens laying eggs. While at the dance there were clearly masculine and feminine chickens, it seems only masculine chickens are laying eggs for the team. So maybe the rural roots of the animators weren't all that fresh. Turkey refs, duck coach. Unfortunately, the viewed print seems to have edits that make it unclear why there are suddenly a lot of eggs laid at the end, but there seems to be a truss involved. The reds were cheating, incidentally, by swallowing billiard balls.

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  1. The 'magic corset' edit dates back at least to the original AAP print struck in 1956. Next to the rumba-ing girl and the dancing lobster, the group dance animation here would get used more times than any other in Friz's mid-30s cartoons (and would even make it into Dalton and Howard's "Katnip Kollege").