Monday, April 16, 2012

054 The Robber Kitten

Title: The Robber Kitten
Studio: Disney
Date: 04/13/35
Credits: -
Series: Silly Symphonies
Running time (of viewed version): 7:47
Commercial DVD Availability: SSv1d1

Synopsis: Kitten runs away from bath, falls in with a bad guy, then runs home like a pussy cat.

Comments: Quite the dramatic costume for a robber. He actually shoots the toys(with a pop gun, but still). Are kids still allowed to have pop guns? I had one as a kid; I remember being in the mall and my mom getting it from a kiosk. Dirty Bill from Cootie Hill is dressed like Robin Hood. There are multiple cartoons about criminal mentorship. Tarzan yell. Cat mother has human arms. Pretty uneventful cartoon.

See Animation Resources for comments from Disney artists savaging the cartoon.

See Michael Sporn's blog for the images from the storybook of this cartoon.


  1. I like this thing a helluva lot better than Disney staffers did. So did Disney comics people, who reused Dirty Bill for years.

  2. Come on, darling animated short with a good lesson for naughty children! The words like "uneventful" to it is completely inapplicable. It's a little bit of action, but it gives the story credibility, and the characters elaboration. It is hardly remarkable in terms of animation or design, throught.This short film played an important role in studying ways to hold viewers attention to the dialogue. Do you think that we can see "Snow White" such as we know it without such "uneventful" shorts?

  3. Maybe then I'd like Snow White...