Tuesday, May 15, 2012

072 The Kids In the Shoe

Title: The Kids In The Shoe
Studio: Fleischer
Date: 05/19/35
Dave Fleischer
Seymour Kneitel
Roland Crandall
Series: Color Classic
Running time (of viewed version): 1:28- 8:26: 6:58
Commercial DVD Availability: SIDLd2 (lost episodes)

Synopsis: Kids in shoe equals out of control.

Comments: Brash sound. German accent. Ever think the old woman who lived in the shoe liked to mess around a lot, thus all the kids. Maybe the shoe was a metaphor for hooker boots... Then again, they're mostly all the same age. Color like a bloody nose. Some grenuda hair. Brushing the mirror's teeth. Gruff voiced song. I'm not sure that should count as swing. Might be early country (it being Gene Autrey's sidekick Smiley Burnett singing). Maybe bluegrass? 3D background. Cool boot wipe. Castor oil used purely as punishment. Big ol' drink at the end.

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  1. Kneitel, who gets head animator credit here, would rework and improve the premise and story arc of this cartoon with Tom Johnson seven years later into one of the best of the Famous Studio Popeyes, "Me Musical Nephews".