Friday, May 4, 2012

064 A Modern Red Riding Hood

Comments: First of two cartoons in a row beginning with "A". The version I saw is one of those Barker Bill versions with no real intro that jams a truncated musical number right up in there immediately after the retitle. Pudgy not Betty Boop girl (human girl) dancing in a Robin Hood hat for for three gentlemen animals. Well dressed wolf brings flowers and a gift; she takes the flowers and slams the door, then at the backdoor takes the gift and slams that. To be fair, it's a good rule of thumb that if she won't let you in the front door, she won't let you in the back door. Awesome car. For some reason the wolf is riding a penny farthing. Wolf seems to have a single barrel shotgun for grandma. Red doesn't seem to have a hood.

Really a pretty good cartoon.

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