Thursday, May 10, 2012

068 Water Babies

Title: Water Babies
Studio: Disney
Date: 05/11/35
Credits: -
Series: Silly Symphonies
Running time (of viewed version): 10:16 (with Walt segment) 8:16 without
Commercial DVD Availability: Silly Symphonies

Synopsis: Horrifying babies live a horrifying baby life.

Comments: This is foolishly hidden on the Silly Symphonies treasure set. You have to go to the second page of Fables and Fairy Tales and highlight the cat's damn sword. Walt gets the date on Water Babies wrong and claims it's from 1938. I wonder if it's hidden because of the naked babies in it. Lots of butt slapping. There were lots of frogs in the '30s cartoons. The babies look like guys and all seem to have guy occupations? Horrible saccharine cartoon; all your worst fears about '30s Disney realized. Oh. I get it. It's a bull frog.

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