Tuesday, February 28, 2012

026 The Band Concert

Title: The Band Concert
Studio: Disney
Date: 02/23/35
Credits: -
Series: Mickey Mouse
Running time (of viewed version): 9:19
Commercial DVD Availability: MMLCv1

Synopsis: Band plays concert, in spite of bad weather.

Comments: Rather unconvincing crowd noise for the first giantly famous cartoon of the year. The first color theatrical Mickey Mouse short, this is iconic for its readily identifiable red costume on Mickey. Benefits from Mickey not speaking in his unbearable voice. I have trouble remembering Donald Duck's trouble making role, in his stupid hat with his stupid long duck face. Is this the source cartoon for all the various band cartoons to come, or did someone else innovate "when the baton moves outside the music, the music follows"? I primarily remember the bit with the storm. Kansas leaving its grimy impression on Disney cartoons, as NYC and California did on so many other cartoons. THere's almost no menace from the storm. I do remember Donald's appearing flute, tho I couldn't have told you it was in this cartoon. The band is Mickey (conducting), Clarabell (flute), Horace (percussion), two dog men (one Goofy?; trombone and clarinet, I think), and two pigmen (tuba and trumpett). And Donald selling food and playing flute outside the band. Donald's last musical phrase is a comedu tag line for someone (laurel and Hardy maybe?). I think this may have been on the old hand cranked film cartridge thing I had as a kid.

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  1. Mickey's first Technicolor short [the frame grabs look great, too], the Silly Symphonies having gone that way earlier with "Flowers and Trees".