Monday, February 20, 2012

023 When the Cat's Away

Title: When the Cat's Away
Studio: MGM
Date: 02/16/35
Credits: A High Harmon - Rudolph Ising Cartoon
Series: Happy Harmonies
Running time (of viewed version): 07:55
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Synopsis: Cat goes on date, mice run rampant

Comments: As the WB rabbits look primitive, so too do the MGM mice. Even mice don't like the pope's nose on a chicken. Who's a Horses ass plays. Little Brown Jug played on utensils and such. Then La Cucaracha (sp). The rat seems to be the more important adversary to the mice. This smacks of short sightedness (tho to be fair the rat is a threat; it eats from the same plate). Significant amounts of twining in the cheese shot. The cartoon is barely (i.e., not very) funny.

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