Friday, February 3, 2012

016 The Hill Billy

Title: The Hillbilly (retitle: Hill Billy)
Studio: Lantz
Date: 02/01/35
Fred Avery
Jack Carr
Ray Abrams
Joe D'Igalo
Ernest Smythe
Victor McLeod
Musical Score
James Dietrich
Series: Oswald Rabbit
Running time (of viewed version): 8:35
Commercial DVD Availability: -

Synopsis: Young love exits feudscape.

Comments: One of the white native stereotypes: drunken feuding hillbillies. No wonder Oswald eventually became a white rabbit; almost everyone else in his clan is white (except a handful of kids, who are brown (technically gray, but they do look like easter candy), not black with white face). His older look must've been an emo dye job. Dog that looks like Wimpy. Perpetual motion. Ends with the loving couple watching their families trying to kill each other. Right before that is an exploding black face gag. Fairly boring and pointless cartoon.

1 comment:

  1. The Wimpy-looking dog is actually "Dopey Dick," a recurring pal of Oswald in cartoons of this period.