Wednesday, June 27, 2012

092 Moans and Groans

Title: Moans and Groans
Studio: Terry
Date: 06/28/35
Credits: -
Series: -
Running time (of viewed version): 5:18
Commercial DVD Availability: -

Synopsis: Farmer Alfalfa learns he likes to get high. Now with dentistry.

Comments: "Dr Groan, Painless Dentist." Strapped dow to the dentist chair. Active life of Al's mouth. Tooth demons. The dentist has a fez. Al gets high on gas. Big moon nose. Somehow I think whoever storyboarded this had had these experiences... The June Moon is a big headed bride. Farmer harvest moon. Blue moon as a caricature of that big boned singer lady (Kate Smith)? Venus is a 6 pointed star dressed as Cleopatra? A speedy dancing scene (repeated); unusual to see it with humans instead of mice or cats. Why did cartoonists think old farmers were a good idea? I always remembered hating the idea. Change in zeitgeist, and I'm more removed from the culture where rural farmers were a known but laughable relic in people's lives instead of simply alien? 


  1. For me, crotchety old Farmer Al is simply funny as hell—it doesn't matter that I've rarely met anyone like him. (I don't have to have known real-life pirates or Western bandits to appreciate Yosemite Sam; once again, his eccentricity makes him naturally funny.)

  2. The whole agrarian thing is definitely something the various hammered hard but that faded over time. It feels like something that can be more fully explored.

    Also, right this very moment, Jerry Beck is on Stu's show talking about Terrytoons. I titally should have put up a post about it. Ah well. Reflective of why there will be another hiatus shortly.