Friday, June 8, 2012

085 Summertime

Title: Summertime
Studio: Iwerks
Date: 06/15/35
Produced by
Musical Score by
Carl Stalling
Series: ComiColor
Running time (of viewed version): 1:05:20-1:13:18: 7:58
Commercial DVD Availability: CTTFUICv1, B

Synopsis: Summer and Winter fight it out for supremacy. I suspect Winter's time will come again.

Comments: Blue winter demon. And a snow covered sun. Sun is hulking out. Snow man with a death march, revealing a demon faun. This is similar in many ways to the Lantz "Springtime Serenade" that came out about three weeks earlier. Sexy tree women silhouettes; dryads, I suppose. Centaur polo. A possible specific caricature on one of the centaurs; famous polo player? Ground hog reference, but no shadow issue. Wrongly named; the telegraph says it's springtime. There's the shadow reference. The Can Can plays. DId the fireflies actually go kamikaze? Actually a decent cartoon, if not spectacular. In some ways, it feels like a more effective (and less affected) Fantasia. I kind of wonder if C.S. Lewis based the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe on this cartoon... 


  1. "A possible specific caricature on one of the centaurs; famous polo player?" Maybe Will Rogers. Polo was quite popular in Hollywood in the 1930s, and Rogers was a leading player there along with David Niven, Spencer Tracy, Clark Gable and Walt Disney. In fact Will Roger's home, now a state historical park in Pacific Palisades, has its own Polo pitch. Part of the conditions of the transfer of the property to the state is that Polo has to be played on the pitch every year.

  2. Finally found this again! My favourite cartoon since I saw it when I was little. Is there any way to watch it?